Finance Analyst

Vicky Leung: UCI

Squarage gave me the necessary tools to conquer my fear of interviews. Before Squarage, I lacked confidence in the interview process and would let my nerves get the better of me. Not knowing what to expect was the most terrifying part and I was tired of letting that preventing me from getting the job that I wanted. Squarage showed me the key components to acing interviews, which I did not know was such a complex process. They taught me that there was a general trend of questions employers asks and how the interview process will go. By providing all the possibilities that could happen in an interview that eased my fears of this daunting process. As a newly graduate, I am a novice in the interviewing process. It was nice to find a service like this, where they give you tips and tricks to impressing your interviewers. I definitely wished this were offered when I was in college.


Thanks to Squarage, I have landed my first position as a finance analyst. The interview process went smoother than my previous experiences. Knowing what to expect definitely eased my fears. They definitely don’t teach this at colleges.


Thanks for everything Squarage!


-Vicky Leung, UCI Finance Analyst

Date: 11/2015

Client: Vicky Leung