Job Search Prep for Career Technical Education

Know enough to become dangerous, in a good way.

“Don’t get romantic about yesterday because the good old days are gone.”

We are no longer a modern workforce but rather a Post-Modern one. Therefore, students will need to adapt or risk getting get lost in the pool of generic job searching candidates.


Squarage’s Job Search Prep CTE curriculum will enhance student success and student learning outcomes for K-12 High Schools, Colleges, and other educational programs by advancing career readiness and employability for the digital landscape in today’s post-modern workforce. Résumés and cover letters are no longer enough because recruiters/hiring managers have changed the way they hunt for job seekers.

What does it take to secure that “Dream Job?” How can you differentiate yourself from other generic candidates?

Below are a couple of sample sections from the “Don’t Get Romantic” Job Search Prep coursebook.

Be A Colored Cow

You’ll need to become a colored cow, like in the picture, when you begin putting your portfolio together for your job search so that you will stand out.

The old rule was to be safe and vanilla. The old rule was submitting your résumé and cover letter and hope for the best. The new rule is: portray an image in your portfolio so remarkable that the right Hiring Managers will seek you out. Do something, create content, create your online social media presence (we’ll cover this in the next chapter).


The way you break through the screening process for Hiring Managers is to target an industry/field and tailor your image to fit their needs.

Why is it so hard to be a blue cow or any colored cow that isn’t white?  

It is hard to become a blue cow because people are afraid. If you stand out, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. Nobody gets universal praise. Criticism comes to those who are awesome.

Projects Are the New RésuméDo something first

The bigger the company, the more prep work you will have to do to get hired, e.g., pumping out more social media content instead of over-relying on your résumé, cover letter, or LinkedIn™.

This section is not for lazy people. For companies, it’s best if you have a strong online presence by putting out content via blogs, vlogs, tweets, inspirational posts, podcasts, funny memes, creative GIFs, and interactions with influencers. In later sections we will go over how to do that through various social channels.

Here are 3 creative ways a job seeker can apply for a job in this new digital post-modern workforce that will give you some ideas and something to reference from:

Submitting your résumé and then sitting on your butt all day and hoping something magical will happen will lead to nothing happening for you. You will have to pump out content.

Pumping content is good and tedious. Tedious is good because it means most people won’t do it. Tedious helps you win.

The Only Way To Know Where The Line Is, Is To Cross It.

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