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Squarage® Training Workshops

Professional Development and/or Youth Workshops

    Demos of All (4) CTE CurriculumProfessional Development InfoYouth Workshops InfoOther Questions

    Career Readiness TopicsOur CTE Contents

    Job Search Prep

    Don’t Get Romantic

    Hiring Managers hunt for job seekers differently in today’s Post-Modern Workforce, therefore, submitting a résumé and hoping for the best is no longer good enough.

    Interview Skills

    Zig When Others Zag 

    Interview skill contents today are generic and outdated. Not ours.

    Job Retention

    Fit In, But Don’t Fit In

    How to Enhance Self-Awareness, Execute LifeHacks in today’s Post-Modern Workforce, and Keep Your Job or Get a Better One!

    Mental Health Conditioning

    Hardcore mental health curriculum content that will teach how to conquer, manage, and overcome mental health struggles.

    Online e-Learning Sessions!Distance Learning

    Online e-Learning Sessions is an affordable online live-streaming option. An instructor will be hosting a live, interactive session via a shared-screen conference that will allow your educators, students, and job-seekers flexibility.

    Online e-Learning Subscription is an affordable option for organizations and job-seekers with a lower budget to gain digital access to all of our CTE curriculum contents. Contents will range from digital training manuals, digital curricula, and power point slides.