Job Retention for Workforce Development

Enhancing your self-awareness and value in today's workforce

Fit In, But Don't Fit In

“Just pay your dues and you’ll keep your job.” – said by every boss that ever existed…..


That is the recipe for success we grew up with. The game has changed.

When we were cavemen, we were forced to be hunters. But then we got lazy and civilization manufactured farms and hunters weren’t needed anymore. That trend will always continue. Systems will eventually become automated as technology advances. That means your job will soon be outsourced to somebody in India, a third world country, or to some machine.

What can be said about Job Retention? Can you create enough value for yourself where you won’t be replaced before you’re able to retire?

Below are a couple samples from the #WinTheWorkforce Job Retention coursebook curriculum that will help you be more than just a dispensable robot in the ever-changing job market.

Asking ``What to do`` creates lesser value

If you have to ask your boss “what to do” then your value probably isn’t very high and your brand isn’t there yet. It clearly shows that you’re afraid to figure it out for yourself by taking risks.


You will have to take calculated risks. You will have to exercise intellectual humility. You will have to take chances to avoid this pitfall of being a low valued employee who just asks people around them what to do every day. You will need to not be afraid of generating terrible, horrendous, bad ideas. If you can come up with a lot of bad ideas then you’ll eventually discover a masterpiece of a good idea because masterpieces can only happen when you have the luxury of failing and experimenting in privacy.

Feeding the EgoLaws of Favor

Whether you decide to become a Robot or a Superhero, you will still have to service many internal and external customers in the workforce. Internal customers being your bosses, co-workers, or other departments inside the company. An external customer is the end-user, someone you serve outside of the company such as someone who buys your company’s product.

Remember, people are in love with themselves. Therefore, feeding the ego is the beginning of building rapport and keeping your job, getting a promotion, and creating value.

You will need to win favor with your co-workers and bosses. We will teach you have to get the Laws of Favor in your corner.

The Decision

That was just a small sample of the content in our curriculum. Are you going to remain a replaceable cog in the wheel? Or that employee that truly offers value and remains indispensable. The choice is yours.

The workforce is waiting for your decision.

The Only Way To Know Where The Line Is, Is To Cross It.

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