Tiffany Sun: Kaplan International

ESL Teacher

Tiffany Sun: Kaplan International

I just wanted to send a shout-out to Squarage for helping me secure two amazing positions at Kaplan International and Fairmont Preparatory Academy as an ESL teacher! Initially, I was uncomfortable with the interview skills, concepts, and advice that Squarage offered because they were so unique and edgy, but in the end, they worked out perfectly!

I highly recommend Squarage to anyone struggling to find a solid job. They definitely teach interview skills from an angle that I believe is distinct from most colleges.

They also helped me refine my resume and cover letter, and I’d have to say the whole experience was not what I was expecting––original is putting it lightly.

Tiffany Sun, ESL Teacher, Kaplan International and Fairmont Preparatory Academy

Date: 1/2016

Client: Tiffany Sun