Andrew Lee : Apple Corporate

Media Data Curator

Andrew Lee : Apple Corporate

Most articles that I’ve read related to the interviewing process provided general guidelines on the etiquettes and the language of interviewing. This was only slightly helpful because at the end of the day I realized that interviewing comes down to communicating with a roulette of personality types — something general guidelines cannot prepare you for. This is where Squarage excels in. Squarage cleverly categorizes these personality types and helps the interviewee not only recognize who their interviewers are but how to also give powerful responses that will personally resonate with their interviewers. The methods and skills that you will learn from Squarage are certainly unique, if not delightfully creative, that will certainly be extremely helpful in all levels of interviews from entry to management to executive. I have yet to discover any other resources that provide what Squarage offers. 

– Andrew Lee, Media Data Curator – Contractor for Apple

Date: 08/2015

Client: Andrew Lee