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Audrey Tang : Steadfast Companies

I attended Squarage over a year ago with the intention to learn something new because I was already employed at the time. However, once I took a break and served on a missions trip, I started to apply to full time corporate positions with my experience being in administration and budgeting. Within a week of applying, I received a phone screen interview which led to a three separate on-site interviews that took place in a matter of two days. I applied what was taught to me. Within the next business day, they offered me the job! The skills and comprehensive methods that I learned over a year ago still hold its merit in all types of interview styles and conductors. Squarage holds significant value in my life a young professional and upon my outlook upon my career moving forward.

Squarage is the best interview skills resource out there!!!

– Audrey Tang, Accounts Payable, Steadfast Companies

Date: 04/2015

Client: Audrey Tang