Paul Woo: Coastal Communities Hospital


Paul Woo: Coastal Communities Hospital

Thank you Squarage for playing an incredibly crucial role in securing my first RN position as a new grad in a hospital! In my previous update, I mentioned that Squarage’s training helped me acquire a 4th round of interviews; that actually led to a fifth which went really well and I was hired on the spot. The principles and methods I learned during the seminar and coaching session propelled me from being a “generic new grad” to a standout. I remember throughout the interview rounds, the hiring managers and charge nurses mentioning several times during the interviews that my answers were excellent.

But even before these interviews happened, I felt powerless during my application process to even get a simple call back. I send out endless waves of applications and customized cover letters that seemingly went into a black-hole never to be seen again. However Squarage taught me a few a key methods that got me noticed and picked for an interviews, methods that I am unable to share due to confidentiality; but apparently, methods that indeed brought results.

If you are in a similar position as I was (new grad looking for a job), or in-between jobs, transitioning, or unemployed and feeling powerless, I would highly recommend Squarage!

Date: 05/2014

Client: Paul Woo