Joann Su: East Whittier City School District

Teacher - Instructional Assistant III-RSP/SDC

Joann Su: East Whittier City School District

As someone that is from the education sector, I am surprised and disappointed such a program doesn’t exist at the college/high school-level! Let me just start out by saying that Squarage is the best interviewing skills program I have ever come across in my 10+ years of being in the education industry.

Everything you learn from college career centers is generic, outdated, and boring. However, Squarage walked me through the entire interviewing process from beginning to end but they did in a way that you wouldn’t expect. Their concepts, methodology, and approach are extremely unique, unorthodox, and fascinating…I wish I could say more but I signed a confidentiality agreement form! I think their 200+ interviews experience is an amazing resource of in-person field experience for young adults aka Millennials.

If you need help in your career job searching – I would strongly recommend inquiring w/ Squarage for their consulting/seminar services on interviewing skills. ALL COLLEGES NEED TO INVEST IN THIS PROGRAM! What they teach is not what you are expecting.

Without Squarage, I am not sure if I would’ve been able to secure a Teaching Position in this saturated schooling job market. Thank you Squarage!!!

Date: 09/2014

Client: Joann Su