WTF: Where's the Faith?

A Christian Devotional Guide with Bible Remixes

“The best Christian book since The Purpose Driven Life.” – said nobody

If Deadpool wrote a Christian devotional book, this would be it.

But, seriously, if you’re a Gen Z or Millennial Christian and you’re discouraged, jaded, lukewarm, a church dropout, and/or struggling with your faith, then this book is for you.

What is WTF: Where's the Faith?Why did you write this book?

Gen Z and Millennial Christians struggle with the inner tension of “I love Jesus, but hate the church” and I wanted to help their faith journey.

WTF: Where’s The Faith? is a devotional book (filled with Bible remixes) that will help you be on the offense about life’s issues: prayer, church, money, forgiveness, bae, failure, suffering, and more.

So, if you were a misfit amongst the misfits at church retreats, small groups, youth groups, college groups, or young adults… this is for you.

You’re welcome.


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    About the AuthorEric D Fan

    My greatest superpower is defeating white privilege. And, I want to help those who limp like me.

    I’ve been part of 5 different churches over the last 20 years and God has taken my Reformed, Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Evangelical experiences and put it in a blender as He’s evolved my Christian faith.

    But, through the brutality of my church and life experiences, I’ve grown in empathy, compassion, wisdom, prophetic instincts, and a head start on forgiving annoying Christians.

    Also, I want to be part of the solution for today’s mental health crisis, too.

    Again, you’re welcome.