Sung Ahn, University of Arizona

Regional Recruiter

Sung Ahn, University of Arizona

I want to say thank you for the incredible resource that is the Squarage Interview Guide. I am a firm believer in specialized knowledge; that is, when you learn about something that leaves you significantly more enlightened about a topic that is meaningful to you, you will stand out, not only because you have the knowledge, but because you can apply it a way that shows that you’ve mastered it. This book is such an example.

The techniques presented in the book are simple and do not require you to have any previous experience with interviews in order to understand them. Then again, you probably had interviews that didn’t work out the way you wanted them to, so that why you’re here reading my success story, right?

This book is probably the best interview skills resource guide out there. I’ve read countless blogs and guidebooks from the past and there quite generic. Squarage definitely aggressively and assertively takes a different approach when it comes to job placement.

Sung Ahn, Regional Recruiter, University of Arizona

Date: 09/2016

Client: Sung Ahn