Rachel Lee: Global Mission Church Scholarship

Awarded Academic Scholarship from GMC

Rachel Lee: Global Mission Church Scholarship

I wanted to take the time to thank Squarage for its program in developing interviewing skills. Although initially reluctant to participate in a ‘boring, old-people’ seminar by Squarage, I soon discovered that Squarage taught material that was instrumental to all kinds of interviews and could be used by audiences of all ages.

As a younger participant in the seminar, I wondered what impact Squarage would have on me, a 19 year old full-time college student. I thought interviews were only for people who were looking for jobs, and as a full-time student, I had no interest in finding one. However, Squarage demonstrated how useful interviewing skills could have in non-occupational scenarios.

I applied for a $1000 church scholarship for school, and was informed after a few weeks that I had made it to the second round – the interview process. I was nervous, as I had never been called back for a scholarship, much less an interview for one. Additionally, the scholarship was a competitive one that only awarded 12 recipients who were non-church members. Squarage provided me with information that was practical and valuable, which allowed me to become one of the 12 awarded recipients.

I highly recommend Squarage to anyone who is able enough to understand the importance of interviewing skills. Squarage has impacted the way I think about interviews and has given me confidence in myself to do well in any situation involving interviews.

Date: 08/2014

Client: Rachel Lee