Cindy Lee: Ingram Micro Mobility

Vendor Management Admin

Cindy Lee: Ingram Micro Mobility

I want to take this time to thank Squarage for successfully prepping and helping me understand the core of any and every interview process!

Before attending the Interview Seminar, I had an interview for an Executive Assistant position on the same day. I had a GREAT feeling about my performance; however, I was not offered the job. BUT listen, it does not end here. I probably got rejected because I attended the seminar AFTER my interview.

Two weeks after the seminar, after soaking in all the knowledge that was taught at Squarage, I landed a phone interview/screening with a Fortune 100 company in Santa Ana. Name? Ingram Micro. Position? Vendor Management Administrator. After the 30 minute phone interview, I was told I will be contacted the following week but instead, they called me back in less than an hour for an in-person interview the following day. NAILED IT. The next interview was a 2 hour panel interview. One hour with the director of the department and the other hour with 3 of the Vendor Business Managers. Usually, I will be nervous out of my mind but with much preparation and the confident boost from the Seminar, I won everyone over.

The skills and tactics I used in all 3 of the interviews were carefully taught at Squarage. Every interview question can be strategically answered by using the ______ (oops, I guess you’ll need to attend the seminar to find out what this secret weapon is).

Ingram Micro will be my first REAL permanent job after graduating college. Not only do I get amazing benefits, but I am able to identify myself with a Fortune 100 company, ranked 67 to be exact.

I spoke with an HR Specialist recently and she admitted that most companies view the ‘millennials’ to be lazy because they believe everything is owed to them and that a promotion should be given to them because they “show up” for work. How sad is this. I recommend EVERYONE to attend the seminars given by Squarage and I guarantee that you will understand the ins and outs of interviews. Thanks again Squarage!

Date: 08/19/2014

Client: Cindy Lee