Emily Ma: Superior Court of California LA County

Judicial Assistant Trainee

Emily Ma: Superior Court of California LA County

I’m very happy to share with everyone that I got a new Judicial Assistant Trainee job for the LA Superior Court!!! Thank you Squarage for helping me!!! I knew getting a good government job would be challenging so I am very grateful to Squarage!

I wanted to take this time to thank Squarage and their amazing team for helping me with interview skills. I attended their seminar workshop a couple months ago and was surprised by how profound and scientific they were in their unique approach to interviewing. Quite simply, I was shocked and impressed! I strongly recommend signing up for their interview coaching seminar; it will be the best money you will have ever invested in for your career.

I can’t stress enough how hard it is to get a government job in this economy and to get one with an excellent package like I did is even rarer. Thank you Squarage!!!

Date: 10/2014

Client: Emily Ma